Benji Davies brand new picture book #TheGrotlyn !


“I know when the Grotlyn’s been
Slipping through your house unseen…”


To our utter delight a copy of The Grotlyn landed at Book Sniffer Towers yesterday and we’ve been nose deep in it ever since.

Multi award winning author and illustrator Benji Davies has created an expertly crafted rhyming text which weaves a beguiling tale through dark and sinister soot smattered streets of Victorian London. Rickety grey buildings tower over shadowy alleyways where the mysterious Grotlyn is up to mischief. Will our hero Rubi be able to conquer her fears and find out just what or WHO the Grotlyn is?

A wonderful gripping read from cover to cover with just the right amount of “fright”, young readers will squeal with delight when they find out the secret of the Grotlyn in this deliciously dark, heroically heartfelt tale of the triumph of the underdog and the thrill of a great escape.

Available to buy at your local independent book shop or on HIVE 

Published by Harper Collins £12.99 HB


Find Benji here:




benji davies 192x181

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