What a Wonderful Word

What a Wonderful Word by Nicola Edwards and Luisa Uribe

What a Wonderful Word by Nicola Edwards and Luisa Uribe – Published by 360 Degrees (An imprint of Little Tiger Press) 

What a Wonderful Word

As soon as this little square format treasure landed on my doormat I knew it was going to be just my cup of tea. This perfectly formed book with luxurious thick pages celebrates all of the strange anomalies of language which have lead to some wonderfully eclectic untranslatable words. I have always been fascinated by these so to find a whole host of news ones all in one place was nothing but a delight.

Each spread begins with a specific word with its country of origin and a short explanation (some of the words are proper tongue twisters so there is a handy pronunciation guide at the back of the book!) complimented by lovely characterful illustrations and a selection of facts relating to the word or it’s place of origin.

Particular favourites for me were:

gökotta” A Swedish word meaning “To get up early so you can go outside to listen to the first birdsong”

“Gluggavedur” from Iceland which loosely translates as “Weather that looks beautiful while you are inside, but is much too cold when you step outside” literally translator as “window weather”! Accompanied by the amazing fact that Iceland has more authors and more books published per head than anywhere else in the world.

What a Wonderful Word

Luisa’s illustrations are beautifully tonal and give a wonderful insight into places from around the world which I will no doubt ever get the opportunity to visit. Her use of colour and attention to detail makes this an engaging read which will capture the imagination of its readers and no doubt cultivate a multitude of polyglots.

This book will appeal equally to readers young and old and would make a lovely spontaneous gift SO – Buy a copy HERE