Ottaline and the Purple Fox by Chris Riddell



PRESENTING….Ottaline and the Purple Fox by Chris Riddell

Do you know a young reader with an unquenchable thirst for big adventures? Then this is the series for you. Beautifully produced and illustrated throughout by Chris Riddell one of our most treasured illustrators. These books with their cleverly curated page layouts, light yet rich texts and gregarious cast, capture imaginations and whisk them off on an adventure indefinitely with or without their passports and notebooks, what more could you ask from a children’s book, or any book for that matter.


Prepare to be bedazzled and delighted by Ottaline and her hirsute companion as we embark on the 4th beguiling adventure in the Ottaline series by Chris Riddell, Ottaline and the Purple Fox, publishing in paperback with Macmillan Children’s Books today.


Do you love mysteries? Do you have a keen eye for clues? Then our dynamic duo are in need of your assistance. Ottaline and Mr Munroe are about to encounter a fox, not just any common or garden fox, an enigmatic PURPLE fox! As the sun sets and the stars begin to shine the pair are invited on an unmissable night-time urban safari with their mysterious new acquaintance. Absorbed and inspired by the magical hidden menagerie Ottaline keenly takes in her enviable field notebook (much like her creator Chris she is very keen on visual documentation!)


c78445ac277e9f5208bada1b42d6f693Meanwhile nothing gets past Mr Munroe, despite his generous fringe, he spots a serious of strange anonymous love poems along the way, will Ottaline and Mr Munroe (and a gaggle of magnificent supporting characters) be able to solve the mystery and mend a broken heart? Read on to find out more, and don’t forget your notebook and pencil.

Essential reading for aspiring explorers, budding detectives, day-dreamers and flibbertigibbets.

Ottoline and the Purple Fox is available in paperback from the 17th May 2018, £6.99.

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