A Day with Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett

This week I had a day I’ll never forget, not even when I’m an old-grey-biscuit-scoffing-cat-lady.


As part of my freelance PR role at Walker Books  I was asked to accompany Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett to an event as part of their UK tour promoting newly published Square. Now let me tell you, I’m a fan and HUGE blushing geek-out kind of fan so I was terrified about my ability to play it cool. In the preceding week everyone, simply EVERYONE had told me what a delight this pair were to work with so the bar had been set high VERY HIGH. With my kit bag packed with a mother load of Sharpies, emergency M’n’M’s and various electronic adaptors I headed for The American School in the outer reaches of well-to-do Cobham.

I would say a mere 30 seconds or so had passed before we were all in stitches over cups of tea and technical traumas before we welcomed a huge number of small children into the library. Mac and Jon immediately entranced and engaged the audience who barely had a moment to fidget.

Many stories were told including my absolute favourite The Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse, it is such a wonderful window into a story to hear it being read aloud by it’s creators, you really can’t beat it.


Lizards with cunning eyes were drawn on demand as were sneaky bike stealing foxes both projected onto a big screen to squeals of utter delight.

The boys dealt with a myriad of abstract and unusual questions from the inquisitive young audience and answered them with unbounded charm. I have not a single doubt that each and every child that sat in the library with us that day left feeling inspired and excited by words and pictures and it was an absolute privilege to witness. Here are some photos from the day, I hope to catch up with Mac and Jon next time they are in Britain. I had the best day and it made me realise once again what a wonderful world publishing is.

A huge WELL DONE to amazing (award winning)  Rosi Crawley who did a fantastic job scheduling their tour.