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‘I’ve rarely met someone that, from the beginning of our working relationship, instilled in me a sense of belief and trust and reliability. Her professionalism is second to none. Not only that, but her easy going nature and bubbly personality ensured we quickly became firm friends…a friendship that has never clouded her judgment or professionalism. To know that you have someone of that caliber looking after and supporting you has been invaluable. During our time working together I honestly couldn’t have asked for more.’
– David Melling Illustrator @DavidMelling1

David Melling

‘Emma has a broad knowledge in her field and an enthusiasm for her work that stems from genuine personal interest, resulting in her consistently being one step ahead. A great mixture of ‘major workforce’ and ‘personable approach.’ – Author / illustrator Chris Mould @chrismouldink

Chris Mould

I’ve been following Emma’s Book Sniffer blog for years. Emma’s passion for picture books really shines through in her reviews and artist interviews. She finds fun and creative ways to engage her followers too. For example, The Book Sniffer held a fun ‘hat wearing’ competition on Twitter for a feature on my picture book ‘The Queen’s Hat’. Emma’s enthusiasm is contagious, and not a day goes by where I don’t see a retweet of one of her Book Sniffer tweets, and whenever I see a new blog post pop up, I know it’s going to be one worth reading (and sharing). – Steve Antony Author / Illustrator @MrSteveAntony

Steve Antony