Square by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

When dynamic creative forces Barnett and Klassen unite the outcome can be nothing short of pure picture book magic.

Presenting Square, the second in a trilogy of shape inspired picture books following on from Triangle and preceding Circle (published by Walker Books).

Square is a content quadrilateral, happy to spend days on end carefully moving square blocks from one location to another, a wonderful lesson in doing what makes you happy.

Circle is very complimentary about Squares perceived works of art and in a moment of befuddlement Square is commissioned to create a  portrait of a practically perfect circle.

As we all know the creative process can be incredibly frustrating and we share the torture and turmoil as Square desperately tries to create the perfect work of art. Will Square become the next Grayson Perry or will he stumble at the first hurdle and spiral into a damp, suffocating quagmire of creative misery and self doubt (we’ve all been there!)

Mac’s minimal text is written with such deft craftsmanship that each word carefully delivers humour with delightfully punchy sarcasm and this alongside Jon’s deliciously dark and eternally expressive illustrations will make this a book to be shared, revelled in and read repeatedly for many years to come.

Square is without compare and the coolest 4 sided chap on the block, so lets’ all be more square, because after all It’s hip to be a square. ◼️👍🏻

Square reaffirms the feeling that we really are living in a golden age of picture books and that books such as square, oozing sophistication, and shunning the temptation to dumb down shines a beacon shouting loud that YES we can be creatively experimental, YES we can think outside the box, and YES we should all take risks in order for the world of picture books to continue to evolve and flourish. Bravo Mac and Jon and bravo Walker Books.

Square publishes with Walker Books in May – Pre Order a copy HERE

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